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Disinfection Service Robot


Product Highlights

  • Advanced cognitive capabilities and multi-barrier disinfection are combined on a single and secure platform.
  • A fully autonomous solution equipped with Ultraviolet-C (UV-C) lights and viral disinfectant solution to eliminate harmful airborne and surface-dwelling viruses and bacteria in indoor spaces
  • Managed and controlled by a central IoT (Internet of Things) Robotics Management System (RMS) which gives the user a platform to manage and monitor the disinfection process
  • Operates on simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) technology to autonomously navigate through public workplaces that need to be sanitized on regular basis
  • Mobile control app and online management portal gives the user a full platform to manage and monitor the disinfection process

Product Code: RM-GDWS-001

myAGV- Highly-Mobile Raspberry Pi-Based Robotics Platform


Product Highlights

  • Raspberry Pi powered Autonomous Vehicle
  • The World's Smallest compound robot

Product Code: RM-ELEP-007

Rosbot Pro Pi – 4WIS


Product Highlights

  • Ideal for outdoor Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) projects.
  • ROS ready for rapid prototyping or product development.
  • 4 Wheel Independent Suspension System.
  • Bundled LiDAR and Depth Camera.
  • Max Payload 22 ~ 45 kg. Battery life 2.5 ~ 4 hours.

Product Code: RM-RBWO-019

SMART Dual Lidar Robot Base Mobile Platform

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Product Highlights

  • SMART Dual Lidar Robot Base Mobile Platform
  • Offers multiple protection and intelligent anti-collision
  • Equipped with YDLIDAR professional lidar
  • Easy to achieve large-area mapping
  • Combined with a 6-wheel independent suspension device
  • Runs smoothly on complex ground environments

Product Code: RB-Ydl-14