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Ateago Spraying Disinfection Robot H2


Product Highlights

  • High Disinfection Rate
  • Long Power Lofe
  • Opened Platform for Further Development
  • Auto-Recharge
  • Online Management Platform

Product Code: RM-ATEA-002

Giddel Toilet Cleaning Robot + Elongated Seat Kit


Product Highlights

  • Never clean dirty, germy toilets again. Plug and Play Giddel and walk away. Giddel, the First Toilet Cleaning Robot in the World, won the TWICE Picks Award at CES 2018.
  • Giddel is portable and cleans all the toilets in your home. Giddel scrubs all hard to reach places: the rim top, inner rim, under the rim, the entire toilet bowl down to the exit.
  • Giddel has an antimicrobial body and is suspended over the toilet when in use, never contacting the toilet except for the brush, so Giddel stays hygienic.
  • Giddel is a great gift and aide for busy professionals, moms with young kids, small business owners, seniors, veterans, those with physical mobility or digestive disorders and the immunocompromised.
  • Waterproof internal electrical components. Rechargeable. One time easy installation. Free Elongated Seat. If you have a round seat, visit the listing that supplies Giddel with a round seat.

Product Code: RM-ALTU-001

Symbol U1 disinfection robot


Product Highlights

  • High power disinfection
  • 7*24 hours Self-management
  • High precision navigation
  • Multi-scene application
  • Intelligent obstacle avoidance

Product Code: RM-SYMB-001

UVC LED Disinfection Robot with HEPA Air Filter System


Product Highlights

  • UVC LED Disinfection Technology, Eliminating 99% bacteria and virus within 5 minutes at a range of 2.5 meters
  • H13 Grade HEPA Air Filter with 6 layer active carbon filter
  • Enhanced Safety Features including ultrasonic sensors, anti-drop sensors, collision sensors, PIR motion sensors
  • Autonomous Navigation System, Automatic Recharging
  • Task Management System via mobile apps/web browser

Product Code: RM-S3RO-001

uvFreshr Mini UVC Light | 99.99999% Disinfection Lab Tested


Product Highlights

  • uvFreshr Mini emits 253.7nm UVC light to kill 99.99999% of bacteria & viruses within 2-3 feet diam. at recommended Exposure time
  • Lab tested: uvFreshr Mini reduced 99.99999% E.coli and S.aureus, from 10 in. in 15 min. Other results vary with conditions.
  • 99.99999% disinfect your phone, ipad, laptop, toilet, gym bag, toy, makeup brush, drawer, shoe odor eliminator.
  • Programmable – AutoRepeat 15 min Exposures every 12 or 24 hours. 1 week charge with provided USB-C Cable, if sanitizing 1x/day.
  • Safety Sensor turns off UVC Bulb for upto 10 secs when motion detected.

Product Code: RM-ALTU-002