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DIY Smartphone Bluetooth Controlled 4WD Car Chassis Kit


Product Highlights

  • 4x Wheels (67 mm) + 4x DC Motors + Rechargeable Battery with USB Charger + Bluetooth Controller + App + Mechanics + Tools
  • Upgradable smartphone-controlled car chassis kit.

Product Code: RM-TOTM-00C

GeoSmart Moon Lander Wireless Robot Toy


Product Highlights

  • Embark on your very own lunar expedition with the rocket-fuel power of geometry
  • Start following the instructions to assemble the parts together
  • Experience the out-of-this-world possibilities of geometry and STEM learning
  • A fun way to explore basic engineering principles
  • Build suggested designs or invent your own
  • Tap into your creativity and start rearranging all the parts
  • Ages: 5+

Product Code: RB-Blv-10

MakeBlock mBot Ranger 3-in-1 Transformable STEM Educational Robot Kit


Product Highlights

  • MakeBlock mBot Ranger STEM Educational Robot Kit
  • Features 3-in-1 transformable scenarios: robot tank, self-balance car, and 3-wheeled car
  • Offers ready-to-use projects built-in Makeblock HD app
  • Provides graphical programming
  • Is based on Scratch for kids to learn entry-level coding

Product Code: RB-Mab-135

MakeBlock mBot v1.1 Pink STEM Educational Programmable Robot (Bluetooth)


Product Highlights

  • MakeBlock mBot v1.1 Pink STEM Educational Programmable Robot (Bluetooth)
  • Offers hands-on experience of programming, electronics, and robotics
  • Is easy to assemble
  • Is based on Scratch 2.0 and Arduino IDE
  • Includes an IR remote control (CR2025 battery not included)

Product Code: RB-Mab-241

Mini Trooper (pack of 2) – Smartphone App Controlled Battle Bot


Product Highlights

  • Build your own battle bot and compete against your friends and classmates in various games!
  • ACTION GAMES: Flip fighting, Sumo, Football, Racing!

Product Code: RM-TOTM-00F