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Owi Air Power Racer V2


Product Highlights

  • Owi Air Power Racer V2
  • Offers 15-piece kit
  • Runs on compressed air
  • Up to 42% faster than the original
  • Ages: 6+

Product Code: RB-Owi-106

Owi KikoRobot.962


Product Highlights

  • Owi KikoRobot.962
  • Offers a 192-piece STEAM kit
  • Comes equipped with IR and AI technology
  • Features an improved gearbox and a new eight leg design
  • Runs on 4 AAA batteries  (Not Included)
  • Ages: 8+

Product Code: RB-Owi-110

Owi Rookie Solar Racer V3


Product Highlights

  • Owi Rookie Solar Racer V3
  • Features a five-tool car made of a durable plastic frame
  • Provides a transparent and rugged SUV-like body design
  • Ideal beginner-kit for a DIY science fair
  • Teaches about power and speed
  • Offers quiz questions, answers, and fun activities
  • Ages: 8+

Product Code: RB-Owi-105

The MostUseless Machine Kit


Product Highlights

  • Useless machine bundle
  • Ultimate in self-defeating
  • 39300 Black acrylic ''Useless Box'' construction set
  • Metal hinges
  • Comes with ''crack warrantee''
  • Ages: 12+

Product Code: RB-Sbo-90

Vroom! STEM V8 Combustion Engine Model


Product Highlights

  • Vroom! STEM V8 Combustion Engine Model
  • Features a realistic engine simulation
  • Includes over 270 pieces
  • Age: 12+

Product Code: RB-Owi-102