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16GB SD Card with NOOBS for Raspberry Pi


Product Highlights

  • Handy little 16GB microSD card
  • Perfect for a Raspberry Pi beginners and experienced
  • Created to educate children about computing and programming
  • NOOBS is pre-installed in microSD

Product Code: RB-Ras-19

4 Channel 5V Relay Shield Module


Product Highlights

  • 5V 4-Channel Relay interface board, and each one needs 15-20mA Driver Current
  • Equiped with high-current relay, AC250V 10A ; DC30V 10A
  • Standard interface that can be controlled directly by microcontroller (Arduino , 8051, AVR, PIC, DSP, ARM, ARM, MSP430, TTL logic)
  • Indication LEDs for Relay output status

Product Code: RB-Suf-05

Aluminum Sprockets (0.250) 16T


Product Highlights

  • 16 Teeth sprocket
  • Works well with aluminum hubs and gearmotors
  • 0.100'' thick and accept standard 0.25'' (1/4'') metal or plastic chain
  • Extremely strong and light weight
  • 1/2'' Bore

Product Code: RB-Sct-228

Charmed Labs Pixy 2.1 CMUcam5 Image Sensor


Product Highlights

  • Charmed Labs Pixy 2.1 CMUcam5 Image Sensor
  • Smaller and faster (60 frames per second) than the previous version (Pixy1)
  • New “line following” mode with custom algorithms for detecting and tracking lines
  • Improved PixyMon software (PC/Mac/Linux application)

Illuminated Toggle Switch On / Off (Red)


Product Highlights

  • Toggle Switch and Cover - Illuminated (Red)
  • Rated for 12V 20A
  • Includes Missile Switch Cover
  • LED can be illuminated with as low as 3.3V

Product Code: RB-Spa-709

Leap Motion Controller

Returns are not accepted on Special Order and Clearance Items except when they are found defective, in which case the product may be repaired or replaced at Robot Shop's discretion.

Product Highlights

  • Leap Motion Controller
  • Features highly accurate V4 hand and finger tracking
  • Offers a 135° field of view and up to 80 cm range
  • Tracks objects and captures high-speed infrared footage
  • Interacts directly with digital content, VR & AR apps
  • Includes demos of Particles, Paint, and Cat Explorer

Lynxmotion Smart Servo (LSS) – High Torque (HT1)


Product Highlights

  • Lynxmotion Smart Servo (LSS) - High Torque (HT1)
  • Features a configurable, modular smart servo motor
  • Designed for the Lynxmotion Servo Erector Set (SES)
  • Offers 60 RPM - no load (12 V)
  • Includes metal gears, RGB LED bar, and sensor feedback
  • Provides smart / wheel / RC modes
  • Now with Full Aluminum Body (NEW)

Product Code: RB-Lyn-990

Lynxmotion SSC-32U USB Servo Controller


Product Highlights

  • Stock of this product has been reserved
  • Controls up to 32 servo motors
  • Comes preassembled
  • USB interface (cable included), Xbee socket, and TTL serial
  • Bidirectional communication with Query commands
  • Large capacitors to prevent brownouts
This product replaces RB-Lyn-100 and is an improved USB version.

Phidgets Sensor Cable 60cm


Product Highlights

  • Used to connect analog sensors to an analog input
  • Cable gauge: 26 AWG
  • Cable length: 60cm (24'')
  • RoHS compliant

Product Code: RB-Phi-34

Pololu 37D mm Metal Gearmotor Bracket (Pair)


Product Highlights

  • Securely mount Pololu's 37D mm metal gear motors to your project
  • Includes twelve M3 screws (six for each bracket)
  • Each bracket features seven mounting holes for M3 or #4-size screws (not included)
  • The pictured hub (not included) works nicely with this bracket
  • Light-weight

Product Code: RB-Pol-03

Replacement Motor Top for Snap Circuits


Product Highlights

  • Replacement motor top for snap circuits
  • Can be bought as spare for lost or broken product

Product Code: RB-Ibo-373