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AutoScan FM Radio Soldering Kit


Product Highlights

  • Designed to receive FM signals in the frequency range (88-108MHz).
  • Uses electronic auto-scan to search for FM stations
  • Maximizes the learning process, while keeping the chance of assembly error at a minimum
  • Constructed in two sections Audio and RF

Product Code : RB-Ibo-277

Lynxmotion AL5D PLTW Robotic Arm Kit


Product Highlights

  • Custom AL5D robotic arm for Project Lead The Way (PLTW)
  • Works perfectly with the free software FlowArm PLTW
  • Advanced inverse kinematics positioning control using mouse
  • Includes medium duty wrist rotate upgrade
  • Includes new SSC-32U servo controller board
  • Includes everything you need to control the arm from a personal computer (USB port)
  • Assembled version available

Petoi Bittle Robot Dog for STEM and Fun


Product Highlights

  • Petoi Bittle Robot Dog for STEM and Fun
  • Palm-sized servo-activated Robot Dog (Needs to be assembled)
  • Driven by NyBoard V1
  • Perfect for learning, teaching, researching, or a surprising gift
  • Make It Come To Life With Amazing & Cute Tricks
  • With rechargeable Li-ion battery
  • Ages: 12+

PICAXE Microbot Programmable Robot


Product Highlights

  • Easy to assemble kit
  • Powerful PICAXE 20X2 microcontroller
  • Programmable with Windows, Linux and Mac computer systems
  • Requires no soldering of wires
  • Power Supply: 4.5V from 3 x AAA batteries (not included)

Rotrics DexArm Luxury Edition Robotic Arm Bundle


Product Highlights

  • Rotrics DexArm Luxury Edition Robotic Arm Bundle
  • Features a versatile all-in-one desktop robotic arm
  • Designed for makers, designers, and anyone
  • Offers easily laser engraving, cutting, and 3D printing
  • Lets you write a beautiful hand-written letter or draw an artistic picture
  • Includes Air Pump Box, Suction Cup, and Soft Gripper modules
  • Comes with Rotrics Computer Vision Kit for DexArm and Rotrics DIY Kit for DexArm

Product Code : RB-Ror-05